Health Tips and Tricks

Best foods for your body starting from head to toe.

1.Hair: Green vegetables, beans,salmons

2.Brain:Salmon,Tuna, Sardines, Walnuts

3.Eyes: Eggs, Corn, Carrots

4.Muscles:Bananas, fish, eggs, red meat(for vegans-beans, soyabeans in particular. Tried being a vegan for a while. Food seems plain and dull with no meat. Food sucks! So, I stopped being a vegan. Lol, did I triggered some vegan visitors. I’ve heard vegans got triggered easliy! Sorry about that)

5.Heart: Tomatoes, Potatoes

6.Lungs: Brussel sprouts, broccolli

7.Bowels: Yoghurt

8.Skin:Blueberries, salmon, green tea

9.Bones: Oranges, milk, sunlight(source of Vitamin D)

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